We are a street band from Providence, Rhode Island.

Mission/Value Statement

We welcome musicians from all backgrounds and all levels of ability to join us.

We play in support of select causes and events in an attempt to draw community attention to them.

We help each other to grow in musicianship.

We play free, guerrilla style and in the streets whenever possible and try to uplift everyone within earshot.

We believe that the power of music may be more effective and powerful than weapons, arguments or war.

We build community and share our love of music with each other and with our audiences.

We interrupt your regularly-scheduled life with spontaneous moments of raucous musical joy.

We encourage musical expression by playing with, and for, people of all levels of musical experience.

We contribute to making the experience of saving the world a bit more fun and weird.

We believe that any note is better than no note.

We celebrate the heritage and joy of marching/roving band shows and their rich, diverse history.

We hold each other to a standard of reliability regarding attendance at practices and shows.

We operate as a democracy, sharing responsibilities and decisions.

We value silliness, gratuitous antics and pure fun for its own sake as much as (if not more than) musical skill.

Range of Music:

As the history and present state of brass, drum, marching, and roving bands shows, they are part of a rich and diverse history of styles, influences, cultures, and purposes.  We hope to play songs that celebrate those histories, while having a great time playing together and with our audiences.


Thursday from 7 to 10

We are looking for:

trumpets, saxophones, accordions, euphoniums, sousaphones, flutes, drums, trombones, tambourines, clarinets, whistles, french horns, cymbals, dancers, flag wavers…

Interested in Joining the ERB?

We rely on consistent attendance from our members. We commit a considerable amount of time to practicing and band related activities.

In addition to playing members are actively involved in band governance, decision-making, leadership, costume design, promotion, and future planning.

Beginners who are just trying to learn an instrument are welcome, but they will need to feel comfortable with that learning process and understand that it takes effort and time, and we will try to support each other in that process.  Our goal is to develop “sections” with internal leadership to help teach and guide, but each player is also responsible for being proactive in their own musical development.

We would love to meet you! If you would like to jump in on a practice please email us for more information.


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