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At worst, they’re a mixed bag of nuts smashing and honking their instruments, keen on interrupting life with spontaneous blasts of music. At best, they’re a mass of skilled, enthusiastic local artists who pour their hearts out onto the streets of Providence, with the sole intention of spreading joy and music to anyone within earshot.

Providence Monthly

Most Musical
Extraordinary Rendition Band

We award this superlative not simply for having the most talent or playing the best songs, but for making music happen. That’s exactly what Extraordinary Rendition Band has been doing since it was founded

A.V. Club

With hip-hop, punk, and even some of the lighter strains of metal flowing into the cultural mainstream, what is the last refuge of the musical renegade? Would you believe something as nerdy and old-fashioned as the marching band? Today’s activist brass bands and anarchic percussion ensembles owe more to the folk music of Latin America, the Balkans, and New Orleans than John Philip Sousa—though they might dress in tattered takes on Sousa’s military regalia.


Extraordinary Rendition’ lived up to its name, performing completely new renditions of marching band favorites.


And taking the prize for farthest from home was Extraordinary Rendition Band all the way from Providence. Aptly named, this group plays all ranges … Lively and animated, these cats like to boogie.

The Marthas Vinyard Times

An exclamation performance point was provided when the 15-member Extraordinary Rendition Band, a street band of horns, reeds, and percussion from Providence, emerged from the woods to merge their disparate parts into a joyous, raucous sound that roused the crowd into spontaneous applause and motion.

The Herald News

Comprised of musicians of all backgrounds, ERB is a guerilla-style band that’s as well known for its red, white and gold uniforms as it is for its “music bombs,” flash mob style performances in which the roving musicians appear at event or bar, play few songs then leave.


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